In a democratic world dominated by the will of the people, it’s important to understand the government and how it operates. 1776 Movement offers an awesome way to make sense of politics, government systems, political parties, current events, economics, and other information essential for every voter. Everything the government does affects your life, so it’s important to understand it.

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution

The United States government is restricted to certain powers laid out in the Constitution, written in 1787. This document sets out the basic principles upon which government in the United States was built and operates today. It is important for all citizens to know and understand their basic rights and liberties laid out here.


Economic Systems

Every country has their own economic systems and policies. From capitalism to communism, there is a wide spectrum of possibilities available. We display this spectrum of economic systems with a simple and intriguing layout.


Political Parties

Before registering as a member of a political party, it’s important to understand what each party stands for. Every party holds certain truths…. (tbc)


Political Compass

Because we have authors from varying ideologies, we use this political compass to sort our posts. Click on a quadrant to view commentary in that category. Want to know where you align? Take the test.

Objective Commentary

Our writers come from across the political spectrum, so articles provide opinions from all different angles. Start reading now, and comment what you think below. Click here.


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