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White ISIS VS. Black ISIS

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Why is there so much hatred towards ISIS, but not against Saudi Arabia ? Saudi Arabia is just as worse if not more worse than ISIS. They both commit atrocities against humanity and break international law on a daily basis. Many states do this, but most not on such large scales as to Saudi Arabia and ISIS.

In my personal opinion, the main reason the media, the United States, and many other Western countries don’t care about all of the terrible things Saudi Arabia does is because they can make profit off of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had a lot of oil and is a great trade partner to the United States. I understand why the American government isn’t against them. It would be very difficult to be against them.

Without their oil, the United States would lose 8.1% of the oil it needs to function as a country. If we weren’t allies with them we would have yet another enemy in the Middle East. But another way to look at this is from the perspective of how Saudi Arabia treats its own citizens, and how they obtain this oil. Is it morally correct to be allied with Saudi Arabia ? I personally think we should cut off any militarily-like ties with Saudi Arabia and then, as we already do, allow American companies themselves to choose whether or not they would like to trade with Saudi Arabia.

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